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Project Description

The CBSO, Birmingham

Client: City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra

Role: Client’s Representative

Sector: Leisure/ Culture

PMP acted as Client’s Representative on this project. The Centre has transformed the main entrance, café and restaurant facilities, and reception area to provide lively and interactive spaces, and enhanced the rehearsal hall with a new acoustic canopy and lighting to improve the quality of concerts and rehearsals. The intention was to create a first-class visitor facility, ensuring a first-rate visitor experience. Repair works to the building fabric and energy-saving measures were also undertaken to reduce energy consumption and costs for the venue in the years to come.

Advice was given on specialist packages, phasing mechanics and insurance issues to ensure the aspirations of the organisation were set. Timescales were very tight as the orchestra had to return on a certain date, and the stringent monitoring and flexibility of the client was key to completing on time.

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