Last November marked three years since the beginning of my career at PMP Consultants!

Since starting as an apprentice at PMP in 2018, I have now qualified for my Level 3 Business Administration. My abilities have grown, both within administration and also socially as I have come to know so many amazing people within the company, who have helped me through this process!

How have you developed since working for PMP?

While I began my apprenticeship working on basic office tasks such as filing documents, organising meetings and stocking supplies, my role has developed significantly over the last two years. I now assist the Business Development Manager with gathering the required information for staff CVs and project case studies, as well as writing policies and carrying out other specific business operations. I have also undertaken other roles within the organisation, having been trained as a fire marshal and a first aider, as well as undertaking training for the software program – InDesign. This has given me more freedom in my role, allowing me to express my creativity further and enhance business documents.

What are some of the challenges you have faced over the past year?

Being in a fast-paced environment keeps you on your toes, and almost forces you to improve your time management, which now feels almost second nature, compared to three years ago. This also gives you the opportunity to improve your general organisation – of not only yourself, but the people around you to maintain efficiency within the business.

What aspects of PMP are you enjoying the most?

Since coming back into the physical office from lockdown restrictions, staff socials have been an important prospect for the entire team; we recently tried out a pizza making class at Bella Italia!

Most of all, I have enjoyed working within everybody at the company and find that I am improving in my role every day, and it’s the improvement, that keeps me motivated to continue progressing. Now that my role is more diverse, I have the opportunity to be able to expand my skillset even further!


Written by Hannah O’Neill