At the end of last year, we welcomed a new recruit to PMP. Hannah joins us on a Business Administration Apprenticeship with Halesowen College. We asked her to tell us briefly about her experience at PMP so far.


What were you doing before you joined PMP?

Before starting my apprenticeship at PMP I was working part time as a Retail Assistant at Primark. I originally aspired to attend the University of Birmingham to Study Environmental Science, however things didn’t go quite to plan, and so I started to look up business apprenticeships online. Fortunately I had applied for a business admin role at PMP who later contacted me after the interview, saying I had gotten the job.

Can you describe a typical day as a trainee Business Admin Assistant?

A typical day as a Trainee Admin Assistant usually starts off by checking everybody’s calendars for any meetings on that day, setting up the meeting room if there are any, as well as taking phone calls for on-going and prospective clients. However, as I am still relatively new to the role, my job also involves a lot of shadowing and learning the basics on computer software such as Excel and Outlook.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I mostly enjoy the friendly atmosphere in the office. The open plan design means that you aren’t segregated from one another, which in turn I think, makes the work that we all do a lot easier. I also enjoy it when I am given tasks to challenge and improve my skills.

Sum up your experience at PMP so far in one word.