We’re very excited to announce that PMP have joined innocent on their journey to create their first factory, ‘the blender’. The scheme is located in the Port of Rotterdam, and maximises the opportunity to reduce carbon miles, driving down and ‘slashing’ innocent’s overall carbon footprint by about 10%. PMP have proudly been involved since 2018 through feasibility and pre-contract stages.


We are acting as Quantity Surveyor for the scheme, and have been appointed by Project Managers and Designers, Integrated Food projects (IFP). The factory, known as ‘the blender’, will be top class in sustainability, designed to be both good for the environment and good for people. innocent got the ‘green light’ in January to start on site and the blender is in the early stages of construction at the moment with it set to open in summer 2021.

PMP Director and Project Quantity Surveyor, Michael Davies, on site in Rotterdam

Image: The innocent construction site in the Port of Rotterdam

Image: CGI of the new innocent factory

The sustainability-led factory will aim to use as little water as possible, reducing, reusing and recycling any waste created, with innocent producing 60% of their bottles at the factory. Sustainability is at the heart of the project because innocent want to challenge the traditional way of designing, building and operating a production site, using renewable energy. It’s sustainable not only because of the use of renewable energy; it’s broader: sustainability is at the heart of the project because it’s good for people and good for the environment.

Image: The location of the new innocent factory in the Port of Rotterdam

‘the blender’ is also challenging the conventional view of factories being places for manufacturing, not places for people. That’s why innocent is doing everything to become the first WELL certified factory. The WELL standard is focused on advancing people’s health and well-being in buildings globally. With sustainability being a key driver of the project, the blender is also aiming to achieve a BREEAM-NL rating of ‘Outstanding’. BREEAM-NL sets best-practice standards for the environmental performance of buildings through design, specification, construction and operation and is the world’s leading measure of the environmental, social and economic impact of buildings. BREEAM-NL Outstanding is the highest possible rating a building can achieve.

Image: Concept designs of inside the new innocent factory

PMP has over 30 years’ experience of working on production facilities, delivering high-care and high-quality projects in the UK and abroad, and we are proud to join innocent on their journey to create their very own carbon-neutral factory.


Quote from Michael Davies – Project Director
The Blender is an exciting opportunity to work with IFP, innocent and the team on an ambitious project in Rotterdam. The project is a new build juice factory in the Port of Rotterdam, streamlining logistics into one optimally located factory. innocent bring a fresh commitment to sustainability to an otherwise high-carbon and high-waste logistics and construction industry. Our role as cost consultant on the construction project has been stimulating, our goal has been to give consistent and deliverable advice, balancing priorities and constraints. We are excited to see 2020’s construction work, give way to 2021’s operations.


The project team includes:


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