Production has started at innocent drinks the blender, the earth’s most favourite little healthy drinks factory.

PMP are proud to be part of this journey, realizing this CO2 neutral all-Electric factory in the Port of Rotterdam (The Netherlands). For us, the blender was an exciting opportunity to work with Integrated Food Projects (IFP), innocent, and the team on an ambitious project in Rotterdam.

the blender is a factory that has thought about sustainability at every step of the design process and is leading the way in the future of drinks manufacturing that is better for people, the planet and business.

the blender has to become a shining example of a sustainable factory and a blueprint that will inspire the future of sustainable production and encourage others to improve the sustainability of their factories.

innocent bring a fresh commitment to sustainability to an otherwise high-carbon and high-waste logistics and construction industry. innocent is also a B-Corps business; B-Corps meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability, to balance profit and purpose. We’re proud to say that the project has inspired us to also start our own B-Corp journey and put sustainability and social value at the forefront of our company.