Widely regarded as one of the finest concert halls in the world, the extension of Symphony Hall is now complete!


Acting as quantity surveyor for the £10.2 million Making an Entrance redevelopment, PMP are supporting a new vision for Symphony Hall. The project has created a brand-new entrance foyer, with a glazed façade that showcases Symphony Hall’s day-to-day activities.

Despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, PMP were able to work through this with the project team, continuing to successfully provide support and advice throughout the development.

The Scheme

The scheme is a four-storey extension to the existing building, covering approximately 1,290 square metres with construction starting on site in July 2019. Centenary Square, where Symphony Hall stands, has also recently undergone major redevelopment.

The newly regenerated Centenary Square, Birmingham.

In total, the works comprised:

  • A new ground-floor hub café
  • Upper-floor performance spaces
  • New bar facilities at all levels
  • Two new hosting rooms
  • Refurbishments to all existing toilets on each level
  • Refurbishments to all existing foyer space to tie in with the new foyer space.

The transformed foyers will provide much-improved bar, catering, and hospitality spaces, helping Symphony Hall to grow and diversify the audience and enhance their organisational resilience; to create a permeable space, energised with new artistic adventures; and to dissolve the formality of Symphony Hall, to turn curious visitors into lifelong supporters.

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Photos by Anne-Marie Hayes

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