This May marks the sixth month of my apprenticeship at PMP, and I have already learned so much! This being said, working in such a fast-paced environment has allowed me to improve socially, logically and analytically in the workplace.

What are some challenges you have faced so far?

Being thrown into a live environment and talking to clients in an open-plan office seemed daunting, to begin with. However, the friendly atmosphere at the company makes daily tasks like these easier. Now it is almost second nature.

What have you enjoyed while working here?

Staff socials have played an important role in getting to know the rest of the team. Socialising outside of the working environment allows us all to enjoy informal conversation without distractions from work.

I have also enjoyed the freedom of writing website blogs, researching, and uploading the company news and project updates. I have expanded my creativity for writing in a way that I had not before, and I am finding I am improving every day.

What have you learned whilst working here?

First impressions are crucial when dealing with clients and visitors, as you are portraying yourself, and the face of the company. As I deal with many front-of-house situations, I am typically the first person a visitor or even caller will encounter.

Where do you think you have improved the most?

I no have a deeper understanding of the business, which has in turn allowed me to work more independently. Being in an environment where people are ready and willing to guide me in performance and productivity is uplifting and often takes the pressure off of stressful situations.

How do you feel going forward in the apprenticeship?

With the guidance of my colleagues, I feel ready to pursue an even greater level of knowledge and skills going forward, wherever this apprenticeship takes me.

– Hannah O’Neill