This May marks the sixth month of my apprenticeship here at PMP, and I can already say I’ve experienced a lot! Being in this relatively fast-paced environment has allowed me to improve socially, logically and analytically in the workplace.

What are the key challenges you have faced so far?

For one, I can say that the first challenge I faced when starting, was answering the phones. Although this may not seem like such a daunting task, being thrown into a live environment, and having to talk to clients in an open plan office was quite intimidating, but now it’s almost second nature, and chatting with familiar clients can often be one of the highlights of my day here.

What have you enjoyed the most while working here?

Staff socials such as axe throwing and going out for drinks with co-workers on ‘Fun Lunch Fridays’ have played an important role in getting to know the rest of the team, and them getting to know me. By mingling outside of the working environment, we are always able to have a good conversation in a more informal setting, without distractions from work. Aside from this, I can also say that I have enjoyed being able to have the freedom to write my own blogs for the website and upload the latest news regarding the company and its projects. The writing portion of this job has allowed me to expand on my creativity, which was definitely lacking somewhat after leaving the exam mindset behind last summer.

What have you learned whilst working here?

One of the most important things I have learned, in business especially, is that first impressions can either make or break a deal with a potential client. A first impression is crucial when portraying yourself, and the face of the company, and by being situated at the front of the office, I am most likely the first person a visitor or caller will encounter. Therefore, it is my job to put forward a helpful and professional impression, which the client is ultimately satisfied with.

Where do you think you have improved the most?

Due to my increased understanding of the business, and its day-to-day running, my confidence and ability to work independently has grown significantly. Picking up skills on particular computer programs in addition to this, has allowed me to further expand my knowledge and work at a more productive pace when given a set task. Being in an environment where people are ready and willing to guide me in performance and productivity is uplifting and can definitely take the pressure off a stressful situation.

How do you feel going forward in the apprenticeship?

All in all I feel I have more confidence in myself to use my initiative in situations which call for it. With the guidance of my colleagues, I feel ready to pursue an even greater level of knowledge and skills going forward.

– Hannah O’Neill