We’re actually a bit late in the game writing this blog, but we thought it’d be a good idea to announce that three projects we worked on with BPN Architects, have been shortlisted for the Birmingham Civic Society Centenary 2018 Renaissance Award! The projects shortlisted include;

  • Comet Works, Princip Street
  • Derwent Works, Herietta Street
  • Riflemaker, Water Street, which is also our office, so we may be a bit biased towards the this one.


Comet Works, Princip Street


Derwent Works, Henrietta Street (Image: Tom Bird)


The purpose of the Renaissance Award is to highlight those projects across the city which have undergone successful conservation; the criteria is a building, structure or public space that was once derelict, vacant or under-used that has been brought back into life. This can be anything from the restoration of a derelict building, a park or structure, or the conservation of a redundant or neglected building.

We’re delighted that not one, but three projects we worked on have been shortlisted for the award, and wish all the other nominees the best of luck – all of the projects represent the best of what Birmingham has to offer, celebrating and preserving its past and now its future! The winner will be announced in the summer.