The coronavirus pandemic is shaping the future of how we work with new challenges and opportunities. Following on from government advice, we are slowly reintegrating our team back into the workplace, which started with a phased return just over three weeks ago.

We’ve created a socially-distanced office which looks a little different than before lockdown; one that reflects new safety standards and regulations and one that is able to support the link between home and office-based workers. That’s because the safety of our staff is our top priority.

This has included adapting layouts and introducing new measures to provide a safe and functional working environment for our team. We have added hand-washing stations, converted our meeting room into a private office if needed, adapted working patterns, and divided our team into two ‘bubbles’. Each ‘bubble’ works a maximum of two days per week in the office which reduces the number of people they come into contact with.

Throughout the pandemic we have supported our clients with ‘business as usual’. This has been aided, in part, because we already had very effective remote-working procedures in place which allowed us to easily adapt and work effectively away from the office.

While we are still encouraging staff to work from home for the majority of their working week, the phased return to the office offers an opportunity for the team to have social interaction with their colleagues and gain some normality back to their work life…even though we now have to keep two metres apart!