Our Shipston Road development in the centre of Stratford-upon-Avon is now complete.

Acting as quantity surveyor and contract administrator for the development, the scheme has created 11 brand-new beautiful homes on a city-centre brownfield site which used a creative flood strategy in its design. Working with client, Holloway Property, the development includes two, three and four bedroom homes set within a communal garden and landscaped grounds.

The brownfield site lies adjacent to a floodplain for the nearby River Avon, and regularly finds itself under water at times of heavy rain fall. The land is classified as flood zone 3, which means it has a greater than 1 in 100 probability of flooding every year. This fact did not deter developers Holloway Property, who appointed Baca Architects, a firm who specialise in building on or near water, to design an anti-flood scheme for the development.

The intelligent design elevates the homes on piles to allow flood water to pass underneath them. Also integrated into the design, is a raised walkway which links to a footpath on a historic elevated tramway at the rear of the development; this provides an access route from Shipston Road, which gives two means of escape when there’s a flood risk. The innovative design will enable residents to continue with their working day regardless of the weather conditions.

The Shipston Road scheme is an excellent example of ‘unlocking’ brownfield sites located within floodplains or next to rivers which were previously viewed as redundant or obsolete spaces due to flood risk; the project proves that with clever design, these spaces can be used for housing developments, and furthermore, contribute to sustainable development.


Photos: Savills


The Project Team

Architects: Baca Architects

QS & CA: PMP Consultants

Contractor: Greswolde Construction